Hallmark Recordable Story Book - All the Ways I Love You

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All The Ways I Love You
By Theresa Trinder
Illustrated By Aaron Dewitt

I love you quicker than a minute.
I love you longer than an hour.
I love you like the honeybee
loves buzzing round a flower.

This is a recordable storybook with which you are able to read to your love ones when you can't be there. With Hallmark's voice save technology, you can safely record, save, and play backyour treasured voice recording for years to come.

How to record:
  1. Unscrew the battery compartment and slide the switch to RECORD
  2. Turn to the page you wish to record and press the button
  3. Listen for the prompt, then read slowly and clearly
  4. Press the button when you finish each page
  5. Review your record voice
  6. Continue to record by turning the page or press the button to record your voice
  7. Save the recordings after you've read every page by unscrewing the battery compartmentand sliding the switch to SAVE
Improved Features:
  • Advanced sound quality to make your voice more realistic
  • One- button technology for easy recording and playback
  • Convenient volume adjuster
Size: 21.5cm x 25.5cm

Three AAA batteries are included.