Excel - Year 4 NAPLAN*-style Literacy Tests

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SKU: 9781741254174

YEAR: Year 4

Publication Edition Date: 2014/01

Dimensions: 275 mm (h) x 201 mm (w)

ISBN: 9781741254174

Author(s): Alan Horsfield & Elaine Horsfield

TYPE: Assessment & Test Books

SUBJECT: Literacy


Format: Paperback


This book will help you prepare for the Year 5 NAPLAN Literacy Tests a year early, so you can get a head start!

Excel Year 4 NAPLAN*-style Literacy Tests includes:

 Thirty Mini Reading and Language Conventions Tests

 Three Mini Writing Tests

 Three Sample Tests each for Reading, Language Conventions and Writing

 Answers and Explanations for all tests

 A Strengths and Weaknesses chart to learn what topics require more focus


 Australian Curriculum—Mathematics Content Description

 The Strengths and Weaknesses Chart

 Mini Tests: Basic level, Intermediate level, Advanced level

 Sample Tests