Excel Revise in a Month - Year 3 NAPLAN*-style Tests

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SKU: 9781741252071

YEAR: Year 3

Publication Edition Date: 2009/10/30

Dimensions: 270 mm (h) x 200 mm (w)

ISBN: 9781741252071

Author(s): Alan Horsfield , Allyn Jones

TYPE: Assessment & Test Books

Format: Paperback

Excel Revise in a Month Year 3 NAPLAN*-style Tests:

  • includes an introduction to the actual tests.
  • covers the essential literacy and numeracy components assessed in the actual tests
  • topics for literacy include spelling, grammar, punctuation, comprehension and writing
  • topics for numeracy include number, measurement, space, patterns, chance and data
  • provides a balanced four-day-a-week program that tells your child exactly what to study on each day
  • provides plenty of varied exercises, real test practice and two sample test papers
  • includes fully explained answers to all questions and a detailed marking guide for writing questions

Excel Revise in a Month Year 3 NAPLAN*-style Tests will help your child revise for success with the following features:

  • key points –€“ provides a detailed summary of each topic
  • test your skills –€“ gives your child the opportunity to practise
  • real test –€“ allows your child to practise questions like those in the real test
  • sample test papers –€“ allows your child to become familiar with the format of the actual tests
  • suggested time –€“ helps prepare your child to answer questions under the time constraints of the actual tests
  • easy-to-use presentation