Warmies Sparkly Pink Unicorn Microwave Heatable & Freezer Chill Plush Toy

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Warmies are fully heatable, snuggly plush toys designed for all ages! They provide stress and anxiety relief, promote restful sleep and are perfectly weighted for a calming and positive sensory experience. Luxuriously soft, Warmies® can be reheated or cooled time and time again for relaxation all-year-round.


Calming and positive sensory experience for all ages

Can be heated or cooled for use all-year-round

Great gift idea for any member of the family

Product Information:

Size: 17 x 10 x 34cm

Details: A soothing, warm and comforting sloth plush toy. Warm in microwave or chill in freezer. Suitable for ages 0+


Warm for up to 90 seconds (600-800W) or 60 seconds (850-1000W) in the microwave.

Do not over heat

Only reheat from room temperature.

Chill in a freezer for cooling relief

Only adult should operate a microwave oven

Surface clean only