Cote Noire Perfumed Rose Bouquet Carmine Red in Gold Goblet - Limited Edition

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Taking inspiration from provincial village life, Cote Noire has created a range of full-bodied fragrances combining patisserie favourites with succulent fruits & florals.

The fragrances in the Cote Noire range take inspiration from the idyllic Charente countryside with each scent striving to capture a portrait of traditional French life.

The fragrances encompass patisserie favourites, fragrant teas, succulent fruits and enticing florals.

The flowers have been skillfully hand crafted & uses a special, natural coating to give every petal a life like touch & appearance.

The petals have been infused with fine fragrance.

The natural touch rose bouquet is in gold Goblet beautifully packaged in a ribboned Cote Noire box.


Bouquet Height: about 20 cm,

Bouquet weight: about 900g

What's in the box:

A carmine red rose bouquet in gold goblet

Two bottles of fragrance

One tassel, 2 bonus small bottles of fragrance come with the tassel

An iconic Cote Noire gift box