Cote Noire Herringbone Candle with Scarf - Charente Rose- Pink Rose Lid

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Beautiful Limited-Edition candles use natural blended Ecoluce - wax combined with full bodied fragrances evokes an era of sophistication and style.

Limited-edition herringbone candles come in a decorative herringbone glass, adorned with an elegant Côte Noire gift box with silk feel scarf.

FragranceCharente Rose / Rose Des Charentes

A natural rose with top notes of rose petal, middle notes of rose leaf and base notes of white musk.

What is  Ecoluce - wax

Ecoluce-wax is completely natural, bio-degradable & renewable.

It is made from a blend of new Zealand beewax, Thai coconut wax & American soy wax.

By blending these waxes together, your candle will burn cleanly & evenly, optimizing the fragrance release even when unlit.

Cote Noire candles have been hand crafted using 100% natural Ecoluxe-wax.

What's in the box:

One 600g fragrance candle burns 120 hrs

One silky touch scarf  70 cm x 70 cm

One Cote Noire iconic gift box